10 Things You Can Do Besides Watch The Inauguration

10 Things You Can Do Besides Watch The Inauguration

According to Donald J. Trump aka Orange Cheeto aka The Mango Mussolini is under the impression that millions will be pouring into Washington to watch his illegitimate inauguration on January 20th.

Unfortunately what Prima Donald doesn’t understand is that most will without question be protesters . Lots of them. But hey Bikers For Trump will be there to help the police block protesters peacefully protesting the inauguration. (How is that even a thing?) But regardless he’s going to be inaugurated whether you, or we, like it or not. As of now along with civil rights leader John Lewis there’s at least 50 members of Congress that are also boycotting Donald Trump’s inauguration. Don’t forget Women’s March, supporting Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, Women’s Health Care Rights, LGBT Rights are also taking part in the boycott. Unlike the Trump inauguration the Women’s March on Washington is set to be one of America’s biggest protests in America to date.

Watching this inauguration will be equivalent to watching boiling water until it evaporates and eventually catch fire. So to help you avoid having to explain to your kids why on January 21’st you’re homeless…

We put together 10 Things You Can Do Besides Watch The Inauguration.

10.) Breath

It’s always important to take time for the little things. Like breathing. You can sit on the couch and just breath. That’s much more entertaining and satisfying than watching the inauguration.

9.) Clip Your Toenails

You never want your nails to get too long, especially your toenails! Time to clip ’em this week.

8.) Drink Some Water

Always gotta stay hydrated.

7.) Tell Anybody Telling You To Give Trump A Chance To Go F*ck Themselves

It’s very rewarding and feels so satisfactory when you do it.

6.) Binge Watch Breaking Bad On Netflix

If you haven’t watched Breaking Bad. Do yourself a favor and watch every episode. I guarantee it will be worth it.

5.) Play Several Video Games

Playstation 4, Xbox One, Wii U…you’ve got a lot of options.

4.) Watch Obama’s Inauguration

Take a trip down memory lane to the last great Presidential inauguration.

3.) Play YG’s “FDT”

It’s appropriate now more than ever. And turn up the volume.

2.) Go See xXx: Return of Xander Cage

Give Vin Deisel your money instead.

1.) Resist

Do exactly what republicans did to Obama and resist the next four years. Don’t buy into this bullshit notion that you gotta suck it up and give him a chance. Resist. Refuse. Don’t normalize him. Do not normalize his cabinet. Don’t support him. Mock him if you have to. And do it until the day he is finally out of the White House.

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