4 Celebrities That 2016 Forgot To Take

The past year took some our favorite celebrities. It’s no doubt that every single one of them will be missed, from Prince to Princess Leia. It seems as though the most beloved stars are taken from us, while we are left with the ones who have been detrimental influences to their respective industries.

For example, is it really fair that we lost Gene Wilder at 83, while 93-year-old Bob Barker gets paid mounds of cash for crappy one-liners?

Sorry Bob.

Is it fair that we lost Muhammad Ali in his early 70’s? This is a fighter that has never avoided a fight. Whether inside the ring, or behind a mic and podium, Ali represented integrity by every definition of the word. We are now left with Canelo Alvarez and Floyd Mayweather, who are said to be the faces of boxing. However, these are stars that avoid matches with any fighter that may threaten their record. And rarely do they put on gloves without throwing a temper tantrum until they get their desired pay.

Okay, okay. Maybe I’m just a salty boxing fan. I digress.

As consumers of entertainment, it is so hard to watch the good ones go. And it is even harder to see the money-hungry and untalented ones populate the various industries. Here at Swurv, we would certainly never wish death upon anyone. But it certainly wouldn’t be terrifying if the following were to just disappear… Forever. So, here’s a list of people that should just stop trying to help:



Don’t let Shkreli fool you. I know, I know. I appreciate that Wu-Tang album too. But that doesn’t come close to making up for the harm that he’s caused. The fact that he was born on April Fools Day pretty much sums up his persona. The pharmaceutical mastermind is known for exponentially jacking up medicine prices. Most famously, Shkreli was responsible for increasing the price of Daraprim from $13 to $750 in an extremely short amount of time. Of course this was only one of his schemes that made him millions.



This is an artist who is single-handedly normalizing what many are calling “mumble rap.” His fans justify his style by saying he is unique and has a different sound. But several mixtapes later, it’s become clear that “Thugga” brings no creativity or ingenuity into the game. There are several newer emcees that are only hurting the reputation of hip-hop as is Young Thug. But, when you have as much influence as this guy, it may be time to start doing something more inventive and positive… or at least try to. The effort that Thug puts into his music, and pronunciation of his words, are nonexistent.



Just because I’m a millennial doesn’t mean I hate cops. But let’s be real. There’s no doubt that Zimmerman should have never been in law enforcement to begin with. Prior to being an officer, he already had run-ins with the law. Several of these incidents were due to violence on his part. So it’s no wonder why he was the one to do something so stupid that it would catapult the BlackLivesMatter movement into the grand riot that it was destined to be. Not only did he murder Trayvon Martin, but he later boasted by auctioning off the weapon that he used, calling it an “American Firearm Icon.”



Commonly referred to as “The Man Who Broke the English Bank”, Soros has a habit of undermining entire national currencies. Aside from his vast manipulation of monetary affairs, he continues to have immense influence on censorship within mainstream media outlets. The political puppet-master claims that he promotes peace, but his funding placements generally suggest otherwise. His constant meddling with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund have become evident of this.


We are looking forward to a questionable 2017. Did we forget anyone on this list? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!

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