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5 Ways Festivals Are So Much More Than Just Music

Music festivals fast rise and takeover of the live music industry around the world is no recent news. Events like Tomorrowland and EDC are attracting millions of concert goers collectively each year. Now, these music festivals offer so much more than just a list of different artists to see live. The full festival experience will create memories that will last a lifetime with complete artistic immersion.

Festivals now have included everything from fine dining to amusement park attractions. Meeting new friends, discovering new artists, exploring new passions, and riding roller coasters can be just some of the many adventures you can have while attending a music festival. Let’s take a look at some festival highlights that go beyond the music.

Civic Responsibility

Lat Summer, Chicago’s inaugural Magnificent Coloring Day was a great example of a music festival that was envisioned from the start as much more than just big artists entertaining fans for a day. The Magnificent Coloring Day was an act of civic responsibility and love for festival organizer Chance the Rapper. In a city where so much violence and hate has dictated its history, Chance decided to give back an atmosphere of love and unity to Chicago. With a record breaking 48,000 fans packed into Cellular Field Stadium, the gift that Chance gave back to the city of Chicago is one that will leave a lasting impact.

Odes to Art

When traveling to warmer climates, you will find that SunFest in Florida is another great example of a music festival that is offering much more than just music. Their “Art District” is a key feature of this festival. They previously had a traditional juried art show, but are now debuting live artist demonstrations and performances where “patrons will experience and enjoy art in an innovative way.” With over 150 national artists, festival-goers will be able to admire many different styles of art. Along with the beautiful art, there is a wide selection of custom jewelry available at this festival. At night, festival-goers will be able to experience some of the most beautiful fireworks in the nation. Sun Festival is a great example of a music festival that offers so much more than just music.

Fashion Statements

For many festivals attendees, one of their first thoughts after purchasing their ticket is “what do I wear?!” While Coachella may have been the first festival to become a major fashion hub for bloggers and celebs, the bohemian looks found in the Indigo Desert are now being seen all over. It’s hard to go to any festival these days without seeing sunflower headbands, the latest trendy hat, chokers, and temporary tribal tattoos.

Endless Activities

Coachella is quite possibly one of the most well-known music festivals in the world. It is no surprise that this music festival has many different activities for attendees. From a water balloon toss to joke competitions, Coachella truly has a wide variety of activities for those attending the festival. A JBL pool party may also be up your alley when you need to cool off between sets. Electric Daisy Carnival was created on the foundation of equal parts music and amusement park attractions. 


Most festivals these days have tons of delicious food vendors that will leave your tastebuds beyond satisfied and coming back for more. They are the perfect place to refuel after hours of dancing. In addition to the highly anticipated artist’s lineups that festival goers wait for each year, festivals like Delaware’s Firefly are releasing food lineups as well.

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