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A Kendrick Lamar-Inspired Scholarship

kendrick lamar

Philadelphia-based Hip-Hop outlet Oogeewoogee has been just as impressed with Kendrick Lamar as we all have, with his latest studio album To Pimp a Butterfly really being a soundtrack for our times. Oogeewoogee is taking note of that cultural impact in a powerful way. But wait, what is Oogeewoogee you ask? Oogeewoogee is a “global multimedia outlet with an emphasis on Hip Hop and counterculture, and how those two intersect with society and current affairs.”

After founder Tom Stafford saw Kendrick Lamar visit a high school in New Jersey, where a teacher was incorporating TPaB into his lesson plans, he was immediately inspired. K.Dot did say TPaB was going to be taught in schools one day. Pushing forward with his humanitarian efforts, Stafford set in motion the plans for a hip-hop-inspired scholarship. As Oogeewoogee’s content director Wilkine Brutus shared with Inquirer staff writer Sofiya Ballin, “We always wanted to create a Hip-Hop-inspired scholarship. ‘Alright’ came at the right time and visit to the high school gave us a concrete idea of what we wanted.”

Now, the same North Bergen high school Kendrick visited will be the launchpad for this “Be Alright” scholarship. Applicants at High Tech High School will be asked to “submit a 2-3 minute video that explains the positive aspects of Hip-Hop while showcasing their talents, whether it be in rap, poetry, or visual art. It will then be posted on Oogeewoogee’s Facebook page. The submission with the most ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ wins.” The prize will be a $1,500 contribution to tuition and school book fees, and the public can also participate in voting for the finalist.

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