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Ace High – “Icarus” (Album Stream) #TheIndieBooth

Milwaukee native by way of Atlanta, rapper Ace High is on his
way to becoming one of the newest go to guys of rap. For those
too young to understand, hip hop indeed has a new sound, but
it also will remain to have a diverse one, and Ace High will
prove just that.
One thing Ace’s personalities all have in common: They’re
lyrically proficient and visually descriptive. On his latest effort,
Icarus Ace goes strong with substance-laced tales of everyday
living, mixed with party vibes all the way down to just being
straight ill for the sake of hip hop. Production-wise, the midwest
wordsmith picked beats that compliment in an unorthodox but
classical type way. Ace’s voice is lyrically aggressive, heart felt
and sometimes animated (minus Busta Rhymes lol).

Icarus starts out with “The Glow” a slow-pounding keys and the
eery sound of a morning dove, setting the backdrop for a
morbid take on Ace’s super lyrical approach, at one point
spitting, “Local rappers still mad they prey on my inexistance,
cause i ain’t hustle like them, but they names will not be
mentioned. Since I crept back like cancer after remittance,
goodbye hater good..good riddance”. Other standout tracks
include “Icarus And The Sun”, “18th Letter” & the anthem
inspired “My Team”. Production duties are handled by Michael
“CAMEone” Cerda, Alex “The Authority” Sullivan, and Richie himself.
Overall, Ace holds down the innovative torch on a bulk of the
tracks to give the beats a suspenseful twist giving the project a
feel that’s halfway between Domo Genisi’s “No Idol” and
Ludacris’s “Word Of Mouf”.

The Doa Music MC continues his lyrical reign of terror on
“11:11,” which uses the simple addition of horn stabs to
accompany the subtlety of the drums to allow his sociopathic
rhymes like, “I Gotta get it till ya boy get paid, cause I can’t be
no slave to no CEO, to no supervisor I’m a boss myself, govern
thyself, thats how niggaz be born, niggaz talking about the
game like they sworn, but they really ass cheeks like they p*ssy
and porn, see this ain’t halloween i don’t want none of ya corny
azz n*ggaz don’t even rap where you be from on IG looking
dumb trying to bust of the gun, police pull a kick door, then you
telling ya son”.

Im always a fan of the dope indy market talent and underdogs
that you probably wouldn’t catch on national tv, this is why I feel
Icuras is probably something that fits perfectly into a not just a
daytime but a nighttime drive too.
Regardless of who he is in any given moment, Ace High is one
of the most lyrically gifted new MCs to emerge. He continues to
add something new and different. Icuras’s only drawback is the
order arrangement, but for the 6 foot 9 rhymer’s true fans, it
won’t matter.
This project is not for the squeamish and definitely is not for
those that only like Top 40 rap. For everyone else, it’s hip hop
noir at it’s finest. With only eleven songs, it’s just the right
amount of time to keep the listener fully engaged.

Follow Ace High on Twitter at: @HowHighAceHigh!

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