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Interview: Alkebulan –
​”Coup D’ètat

In a world where mixtapes and albums drop every minute on your favorite music website most artists do not take the time to put together a quality project. What made you take your time in the making of Coup D’ètat?

I believe in quality music. The industry is cluttered with so much half-ass work, so why add to it? I believe people want to hear more of what’s outside the norm. I’m adding some balance.
What was your main inspiration behind this project?
My message is that with unity, leadership, and movement as one, we can solve more of these problems going on in our country today. Haitians revolted against the French and succeeded. It’s possible for us to do the same in our own way. And metaphorically, this project represents overthrowing the normalities and mundane nature of today’s music industry.

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Your music could easily be labeled revolutionary and or conscience which isn’t as common label in your generation. When you are in the creative process do you think about standing out? or fitting in?
I think about what will inspire people. Will this make people think or research. Naturally, as an artist, I create from my soul and that is different from everyone else’s.

How did you link with Childish Major?
Markus (Childish Major) is my nigga! I’ve been knowing him for about 4 years now and working with him is amazing. We’re productive together. He’s very talented at what he does, and when we link, the music we create is timeless. The ‘Pledge Allegiance’ and ‘Solar Phases’ tracks were both made in 2013. Also, lookout for his upcoming project. he’s an amazing artist as well.


Follow him on Twitter at @Alkbln

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