Apparently Beyoncé Is Backing Hillary


Beyoncé has publicly thrown her support behind presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Beyoncé publicly endorses Hillary Clinton’s bid for president. Girls run the world, according to Beyoncé and the Queen Bey is proving it. She has publicly thrown her support behind her, and even Clinton knows the value of a Beyoncé endorsement and tweeted such to her Twitter faithful. According to my labyrinth of sources, Beyoncé made an appearance at a fundraiser for Clinton in L.A. the other week. The event reportedly raised a million dollars for campaign efforts. Beyoncé is famously tight with the current Democratic President and stylish FLOTUS, so backing Hill isn’t a huge shocker. But, how do you feel, do you even care?

Unlike Hillary’s 2008 campaign for the White House, she now shows signs that she will not ignore her gender and how that sets her apart from the decades upon decades of men that have been President of the United States. Emphasizing the significance of economics and civil rights – specifically regarding equality and rights for women – while also asserting that a few key points of interests (including the middle class, foreign peace, economic growth) all hinge on systematically killing off gender discrimination.

“Just think about all the hard-working families that depend on two incomes to make ends meet,” Clinton said in a paid speech. “When one is short-changed, the entire family suffers.” Clinton’s campaign currently has 4 major pillars, or “4 big fights”, and finance reform is one of them. The other 3 big fights include aid for families their surrounding communities; a stronger, more balanced economy; and a strong national defense. Also, she firmly supports the idea of a constitutional amendment to heavily restrict or out-right eliminate big money and hidden, under-the-table cash in politics.

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