Aretha Franklin causes twitter frenzy #swurvsports

Twitter was in a ruckus today because of the Detroit Lions-Minnesota Vikings game. (Clears throat) I mean because of Aretha Franklin lol. Its seems as if some of the fans weren’t happy with the Queen of Soul’s rendition of the national anthem.

You can hear a commentator in the background of the video confidently saying that it would take her 2 mins 45 secs to complete the song. Little did he know that he was dealing with the Queen of Soul! The NFL found out today that you can’t put a time limit on Aretha Franklin!

Aretha Franklin brought her full organ onto the field and belted a soulful rendition of the patriotic anthem that lasted nearly five minutes lol. With as much as controversy as it’s caused, you would’ve thought she was a bad as Roseanne Arnold! Personally I saw nothing wrong with her performance! Did you hear that classic Aretha yell at the end! #priceless

CBS Sports writer John Breech criticized Ms. Franklin inferring that it was an “insanely long national anthem!” (CLICK to READ)

Twitter user Brock Ogame @brockogami mentioned that Colin Kaepernick would’ve had “arthritis in his knee” by the time Ms. Franklin was done.

Brock Ogami


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