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Avery LR – “Never Surrender” #TheIndieBooth

Avery LR - "Never Surrender" #TheIndieBooth

Here’s rapper Avery LR. While living in Salt Lake City with his mom when he was a teen, he started to get into music heavily. He started recording music and performing, becoming a skilled freestyle rapper. He dropped a mixtape earlier this year in January titled Surviving.

His latest music video for “Never Surrender” is a pretty emotional one. It discusses some often looked over and dark topics in life. Avery raps about suicide, drug abuse and sexual abuse.

Avery LR is able to craft a pretty vivid picture with his storytelling skills. The song also features a powerfully emotional verse from 10asee, and the visuals accompanying are just as strong.

Keep a lookout for him in the future, as he’ll be dropping more material and heading out on tour.


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