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Ayoo Angie – “Il Nana” #TheIndieBooth

Ayoo Angie

So there’s this rapper who hails from Calgary named Angela Teyade, a.k.a Ayoo Angie, who’s pretty entertaining. She now lives in Toronto and dropped a new single called “Il Nana.” The 2-minute track is comprised of a sprightly beat, where Ayoo Angie offers up some fast talking wordplay, which she is becoming well known for. She’s been in the rap game since 2010. “I was in University for two years and took business. I’m naturally a very studious person, but I just wasn’t interested in business whatsoever, so it just turned into a situation where I just needed a break from school and I rapped for fun. I was always really into the arts; I used to do choir and musical theater and dance and all that kind of stuff, so I’ve always been natural a performer.”


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