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Beach House Release Three Songs From New LP

Beach House released their previous record, Depression Cherry, an album which I enjoyed very much, in August.  Last week, the band has already announced a new album which will be arriving on October 16th, titled Thank Your Lucky Stars.  To promote the soon-to-be-released project, Beach House is providing fans with three teaser tracks using their website’s “Single Finder.”

Here’s how it works: choose three of your favorite songs from the band and the site will determine which of the three new songs you will enjoy the most.  If you want to listen to all three, “Majorette,” “She’s So Lovely,” and “One Thing,” you’ll have to do some serious searching.  If you want the easy way, here are three combinations that will allow you to listen to each new song:

“Levitation” + “Sparks” + “Space Song” = “Majorette”

“Beyond Love” + “10:37” + “PPP” = “She’s So Lovely”

“Wildflower” + “Bluebird” + “Days of Candy” = “One Thing”

Head on over and check out these new songs for yourself.  They sound pretty sweet.

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