Bernie Sanders Leads Over Clinton in Recent Poll

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Although Hillary Clinton was repeatedly referred to as the likely democratic candidate during the recent GOP debate, a recent poll in the primary state of New Hampshire shows Senator Bernie Sanders leading over Clinton for the Democratic nomination in the 2016 presidential race. Sanders leads Hillary 44%-37% with Joe Biden (who has not officially joined the race) at 9% according to the Franklin Pierce University and Boston Herald poll out late Tuesday night. Clinton still leads nationally by an average of more than 35 points according to a Real Clear Politics average of recent national polls.

Sanders has a grass-roots movement behind him and has attracted more people to his rallies than any other politician currently in the race. He has also received donations from more individuals than Hillary with donations coming from 284,000 people versus Hillary’s 250,00 with an average donation of $31. While Hillary has been accused of being in Wall Street’s pocket, Bernie Sanders is supported by real everyday people with 76% of the money he has raised coming from small donors. Sanders, who’s platform includes a Constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizen’s United which allows for unlimited campaign contributions, was quoted saying “I ain’t gonna have a super PAC, I don’t need billionaires. This is a people’s campaign.”

Previously a Hillary supporter myself, a recent infographic I came across listing Clinton and Sanders top campaign contributors really made me think about which candidate I will choose to support. Take a look:


The caption on the infographic says it all, Hillary is financed by banks, large corporations and media while Bernie is truly supported by the people. As Donald Trump proclaimed during the GOP debate, it is no secret that politicians often do favors and tend to the interests of their financial backers and this is not good since the interests of large corporations and banks are generally not in the best interest of the public at large. I particularly do not like seeing so many banks on Clinton’s top ten since banks are heavily invested in the prison industrial complex. With the disappearing middle class in the U.S. today a President interested in promoting the interests of the working class is sorely needed and would be timely.

Although Clinton currently leads nationally, with the first democratic primary election not until February 2016 there is plenty of time for Sanders to usurp her and if the recent New Hampshire numbers are any indication he may do so. I recommend that democratic voters do not write-off lesser known Bernie Sanders and make a careful consideration of the candidates before voting in their state’s primary.

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