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Beyoncé’s Personal Assistant’s Style Aesthetic

Sam Greenberg, Beyoncé

Sam Greenberg, Beyoncé’s personal assistant shared what style is like when working for a megastar. She spoke with Vogue about the hectic schedule she has and how her wardrobe stays ready to wear.


When she’s backstage or on red carpets, she sticks to rompers, jeans, tank tops, and Beyoncé tour merch. And most of the time, she wears all black


I think that in this job it is about looking clean and looking cool, and not trying to be much in the spotlight because that isn’t why you’re there,” Greenberg says. “It is also representing whom you work for.”

So what are her must haves? Flats. Her faves? Chanel Espadrilles and a cool jacket (her go-to is one by Balenciaga).

What about that jet-set life?! Sam has some pointers.

Sometimes we get off the plane and go straight to a show or to a meeting,” Greenberg says of her crazy schedule. “I always make sure it isn’t ‘too sweatpants and sweatshirt.’ I wear overalls [by Topshop], which are really comfortable on planes.” And then she’ll dress it up with the aforementioned jacket and flats combo.

Another quick tip; she keeps her suitcase half packed half unpacked so she’s always halfway packed. She also keeps a fully packed suitcase ready at all times.

“I’m not really good at unpacking, so I kind of leave it half-empty, half-full,” Greenberg stated as her rhyme to reason.

Life with Beyonce I’m sure comes with its perks but also it’a share of time consumption but it looks like Sam has it covered.

For the full Vogue article click here .

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