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Big Daddy Kane Defends Macklemore, Praises His “Downtown” Video

Big Daddy Kane

“We don’t acknowledge our own and get mad when another color does. Now if one of them passes, then we wanna post shit about them, say RIP and get t-shirts with their picture. To me this is about real pioneers getting recognition in today’s society.”

Big Daddy Kane had some words for hip-hop fans this week. Particularly, those who have been upset with Macklemore and what he’s been doing in rap lately. Some aren’t too happy with his “Downtown” video. While Macklemore has been criticized for alleged perpetuating “White Appropriation” in Hip-Hop, as well as “softening” the culture, one person who seems to strongly defend the veteran is Big Daddy Kane. On Instagram, the former Juice Crew MC called out those who challenge Macklemore’s merits, especially based on ethnicity.

We should put a cap on this Macklemore and white appropriation nonsense. The man has openly and publicly acknowledged his white privilege, and doesn’t like it just as much as we don’t. Throw some of that shade towards Iggy where it belongs. We’re getting dangerously close to saying “white people aren’t allowed to enjoy/celebrate hip-hop,” which is bullshit. Knock it off.

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