Billy Da Kid – “History In The Making” #TheIndieBooth

Billy Da Kid is a music artist from Staten Island, NY. He released his latest mixtape, “History In The Making” on June 7th. His new project has 15 tracks featuring several artists including Zito Da Plugg, Slice, Malcolm Chase and more. The first single on the mixtape is called, “845” and on the record he raps about his friends locked behind closed doors, references Money and Violence and Staten Island.

Two of the realest singles on the mixtape are called, “A Long Time” and “Dreams.” He begins “A Long Time” with, “I ain’t see my momma in a long time.” In “Dreams” he speaks about growing up without his father and mother.  On “Picture Me Rollin'” he uses an excerpt from Pac and uses the familiar chorus – All Eyes On Me. Another notable record on this mixtape is called “Real Ni**a” because Malcolm Chase sings on the track as Billy Da Kid promotes the end of the exes.

The beats he spits on are very memorable and some of the producers included on this project are AudioBoomer, Real Jobs, Young Foreva, Stacks and more.

Check out the mixtape and leave a comment!

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