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Undercover NYPD #BlackLivesMatter Surveillance Records To Be Made Public

Undercover NYPD #BlackLivesMatter Surveillance Records To Be Made Public

Well this is certainly a step in the right direction for those within the Black Lives Matter community and organization. Supreme Court Judge Manuel Mendez declared that the New York Police Department must release the surveillance records they’ve gathered from peaceful Black Lives Matter protests.

“Disclosure of these records is critical for proper public oversight of the NYPD,” said writer and activist Keegan Stephan. “The public deserves to know the extent of the surveillance being used on peaceful, First Amendment-protected activity, especially where there are allegations that police surveillance chilling political speech, as they are here.

Activist James Logue was the one who started the case. He claimed that keeping these records undercover denied the rights that are protected under the Freedom of Information Act. The NYPD claimed that making these documents public “could endanger the life and safety of any person.” They were unable to prove it, however.

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