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‘The Bounce Back’ (Movie Review)

The Bounce Back movie is a romantic comedy co-produced by Shemar Moore who also plays the character of Matthew Taylor. Matthew Taylor is a writer of a self help book called The Bounce Back that persuades women to stop introspecting themselves and to get into action. On the other hand, Nadine Velazquez plays Kristin Peralta, a psychologist who believes Matthew’s book is a scam because it’s a quick fix. Ultimately, when they are in the same room together there’s an instant battle sparked and the conversation became so intense that the two had put on quite a good show. A television executive actually recorded the debate which leads to an adventurous love based work relationship between the two.

In the movie we are introduced to his 13 year old daughter Aleya played by Nadja Alaya that lives with her mom and stepdad. His daughter urges him to get in a relationship and even meet her stepdad but due to his breakup he wouldn’t allow himself to accept reality. In his book he talks about holding on to a past relationship as a choice and focuses on setting the future.

Kristin was in a relationship and once it ended 6 years ago from her ex cheating on her she became a very serious and hard person to please. As a psychologist she focuses on bringing up the past in order to analyze and accept what has happened. Although the two view life differently the closer they become the better their own lifes become. In fact her sarcasm and straightforward personality actually became an interest to Matthew and a pain to his manager played by Bill Bellamy.

After their first joint unexpected appearance on a talk show Kristin made it clear she could hold her own and ends up roasting Matthew so badly that she offers him a drink. From this point forward they develop a strong relationship as they travel the country, and shop around while they go to several talk shows to spread their individual thoughts about the book The Bounce Back.

They end up going out and attempting to hook up but that didn’t quite happen the way she had planned. This is the most comical scene in the movie because she takes a drug that takes her over the top.

When she displays her vulnerablity and says she thinks shes falling for him he shrugs her off resulting in her feeling played. Of course, she becomes emotional and tells his personal secrets on one of their talk show appearances. She then finds out that he was only with her to convince her to be a part of the talk show appearances to promote his book.

After they have this falling out she reads his book to bounce back from him and he begins to understand that Kristin loves him even though his wife left him and that’s ok. He was scared because he was falling for her but he has to work harder than ever to get the girl of his dreams back into his life. We thought he lost her for good but in the end they live happily ever after.

The Bounce Back is a human story with real life situations that will make you think about where you stand romantically in life. This movie is funny and comical and a must see if you love a good romantic story.

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