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Brand New “The Flash” Season 2 Promo

the flash

Now this is a great costume upgrade for The Flash. Grant Gustin looks like a total badass and a believable leading-man. And he always was, but the new threads give him some major points in that department. CW’s The Flash is going to premier pretty soon, giving us the second season of what is the best or 2nd best superhero show on television. The season one finale ended in a pretty big way, and I am extremely curious to see the result of everything that happened. When you watch this new little promo the CW put out, you will notice a color change. Specifically, with the electricity. Usually it is yellow, but in this promo, the electricity is blue. Possibly signaling some sort of power change for Barry…or a number of other things. Like Professor Zoom.


Currently, there are two theories being speculated across the internet. First, in the New 52 comics, future Barry is actually wearing that same blue identity when he travels back in time to fix the past. Could be dealing with a runaway speedster. The 2nd theory is that if Jay Garrick is the Flash in the alternate universe, then future Barry could potentially be the villain Zoom. The arrival of Zoom was revealed in the Comic-Con trailer as being the villain of season 2, but he hasn’t been cast yet.

For those who don’t understand this European date notation format, the date is October 7, 2015.

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