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Can @NeNeLeakes be the new comedy cash cow?

#AndreTheBlogger NeNe Leakes

If the blessings of Alabama’s Stardome Comedy Club falls on @NeNeLeakes as it did with major acts like Steve Harvey and Kevin Hart, then y’all can best believe there may soon be a new cash cow in the comedy circuit. She’s shined on broadway and raked in millions in television. But, can NeNe Leakes really be a splash in comedy?

#AndreTheBlogger @NeNeLeakes

In the the three years that I’ve covered comics at the Stardome Comedy Club, I must admit that I’ve never seen a show quite like this one. NeNe Leakes conquered critic expectations by selling out her recent “So Nasty, So Rude” comedy show in Birmingham.

Entering the club by walking through the crowd and exchanging hugs with fans at the beginning of her show, she kicked off her gig by setting the record straight about a few things. NeNe made it clear for anyone who wants to talk trash on her social media page, if you open your mouth, you’d better be ready for a showdown!

NeNe’s comedy set was basically a list of candid responses to her everyday life situations, including her tax debts. At times there were chuckles and at other times there were down right, holding your stomach laughter. The thing that caught my attention the most was her amazing interaction with her fans.

#AndreTheBlogger NeNe Leakes

The truth is, for those who criticize her for doing comedy, in NeNe’s case it didn’t matter if she was really even funny. The only thing that mattered is that the audience loved her! So for the critics who feel some type of way about labeling her a comedian, it’s okay. NeNe doesn’t mind because she’s clearly cashing checks! We can’t be mad at her hustle. NeNe Leakes is capitalizing on her brand and easily making more money in comedy then many veteran female comics.

What put the icing on the cake for fans was the post show meet and greet. At the end of her show, the paid line to meet her looked like a Beyonce concert! Her long-time friend, fashion stylist Tracy Sipp hipped me before the show that NeNe was truly a down home sista. Unlike many comics who use their security and management team to quickly rush fans away, NeNe Leakes set the bar by breaking all the rules to ensure the she touched every fan and made sure that each and every one of them felt LOVED!

That’s probably why her comedy tour already has additional gigs in Boston, Detroit and Washington D.C. Fans adore NeNe Leakes and are willing to spend money to see her. Want to keep up with her tour, follow her on twitter @NeNeLeakes.


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