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‘Captain America: Civil War’ (Movie Review)

'Captain America: Civil War' (Movie Review)

Civil War is upon us, folks. Captain America: Civil War is finally out. There have been reviews for this heavily-anticipated film floating around for a month – clearly a show of Marvel’s confidence in the film. They had every right to be confident in this third Captain America movie. Because Captain America: Civil War is the best movie you are going to see in 2016, it is one of the best superhero films ever made and it may very well be the best ever made. Period. Possible minor spoilers up ahead.

That really isn’t an exaggeration. Considering that just a couple of months ago (roughly about 6-7 weeks) we got Batman v Superman…and that got the response that it got…Civil War comes along and quenches the thirst of those who may have been wanting more from the Zack Snyder DC lineup. I’ve never really been one for this whole Marvel v. DC crap, it’s actually pretty stupid. We should be rooting for both camps to succeed. That being said, Captain America: Civil War is so much fucking better than Dawn of Justice. The plots of both films share similarities, so comparisons are to be expected. We’re dealing with two superheroes (Cap/Steve Rogers and Iron Man/Tony Stark) battling over their opposing ideologies and views in regards to the idea of the Avengers having oversight and being under the watch of the government.

The film is really a direct reaction to what happened in Age of Ultron – specifically, Sakovia – in more ways than you would initially think.

Captain America: Civil War

Dem Accords

Captain america: civil war

Conflicted Cap

So the Avengers are going to have to be put in check, and Tony definitely agrees with this. Cap doesn’t and refuses to sign this document – keeping in mind, it was a mission the Avengers (Cap, Falcon, Scarlet Witch and Black Widow) were on in the beginning of the movie that set all of this in motion. Let’s just say the mission goes bad and there are some dire consequences. Which includes this entire collection of superheroes beating the piss out of one another after they’ve chosen sides. In the middle of all of this, is Captain America trying to find Bucky (the Winter Soldier) who may or may not have done some damage to a UN summit over the Sakovia Accords.

There are two newcomers to the MCU in particular in this movie – Spider-Man and Black Panther – who steal every scene that they are in. Their characters are woven into the story seamlessly and organically and the actors – Tom Holland and Chadwick Boseman – kill their respective roles.

Captain America: Civil War

Black Panther is a beast in the movie. Chadwick pulls off a better and more convincing African accent than Will Smith, and he only makes you even more impatient for his solo film in 2018. BP’s first on screen reveal, in the suit, is pretty magnificent – it’s the rooftop battle with Bucky, that leads straight into the highway tunnel chase.

He’s got more screentime than Spider-Man and he plays a bigger role in the overall plot of the film, and has a pretty nice arc for himself by the end. His costume is easily the best in this whole movie, and possibly some of the best superhero costuming ever, next to Deadpool. Panther’s fight sequences are unlike anything you’ve seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and even the character’s physical movements in general.

Just like Spider-Man. This guy also steals every scene he appears in and Holland’s performance is perfect – as well as the character’s portrayal in general. You haven’t seen Spider-Man on screen until you’ve seen this movie, Marvel Studios knows exactly what they’re doing with him. All of his dialogue, his costume, his web-slinging – it’s all perfect and done extremely well. Captain America: Civil War is the perfect introduction for Spidey.

All of the action is incredible. The “airport sequence”…is probably the single greatest action sequence in any superhero movie – maybe any action movie ever, no, that really is not an exaggeration. It really, really isn’t. It’s astonishing. The tricks they pull out of their sleeves during that long sequence…it’ll suck the air out of you, you won’t believe what they’re able to do. IMAX. IMAX!!!

But this film is also incredibly emotional and dark, as well. The stakes are high, as high as they’ve ever been and you really get to feel this difficult battle building between Tony and Steve. The tension and anger is palpable, and both characters are selfish, yet have perfectly valid points. The third act is particularly emotional and it’s a bit of a heartbreaking action scene to watch. These characters are never going to be the same after this, which means this universe will never be the same after this.

You need to get off of your ass and go see Captain America: Civil War right now. There’s not much else I can say without spoiling it.

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