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Cleo Anthony To Play Luke Cage?

Yeah, I’ve never heard of Cleo Anthony either. But apparently, he is in the running to star as Luke Cage in the upcoming Netflix series of shows, along with Daredevil, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones.

Luke Cage is a hero for hire. A guy fresh out of prison, trying to push his life in a better direction. Also, his skin is impenetrable. Brother’s virtually invincible. Cleo Anthony may look the part but I do not know about his acting ability. He’s just had some tiny roles in random television shows. And there are a couple of other names that have been mentioned along with Cleo Anthony. Lance Gross and Mike Colter.

Luke Cage will get his own show on Netflix, 13 episodes. But I believe he will be in 6-7 episodes of Jessica Jones and then debut in his own series. This sounds promising. I am looking forward to this, whoever will be playing him, even if it isn’t Cleo Anthony. Peace.

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