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Corey Paul – “Tear It Up” #TheIndieBooth

corey paul

Texas born rapper Corey Paul drops a new video for his latest single ‘Tear it Up’. Recently signed to Collision Records, Corey Paul is willing to show the world what his game changing music can do. After releasing his debut album ‘Grace Love Mercy’ independently in 2013.

Like most Christian rappers, Corey sings about preaching the Gospel and changing the game of the hood. Corey Paul references the bible and relates to Apostle Paul “My potna Paul did hard time behind the gate” and John the baptist “They caught my homie John and put his head on ah plate” for preaching the gospel.

Both the video and the song get’s the listener hyped up between fast-paced camera shots to the head-banger beat. This is a tune to definitely jam to during the rest of your summer.

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