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Criminal Justice Reform Plan

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Criminal justice reform and racial injustice are becoming very important issues in the public debate, especially with all of the current political debates. This has led to a group of activists creating Campaign Zero, a website which includes a list of policy demands as well as a system to track the positions of candidates running for president.

These demands surfaced right after a recent meeting between Hillary Clinton and activists in Keene, N.H. In that meeting, which took place Aug. 11, Clinton challenged Black Lives Matter activists to help her come up with a “specific vision and plan.”

“That’s what I’m trying to put together in a way that I can explain it, and I can sell it — because in politics, if you can’t explain it and you can’t sell it, it stays on the shelf.”


The website includes a ‘candidate tracking document,’ which tallies presidential candidates positions on issues like ending pro-profit policing, limiting the use of police force and the use of body cameras

“We can live in an America where the police do not kill people,” the website says. “Police in England, Germany, Australia, Japan, and even cities like Newark, NJ, and Richmond, CA, demonstrate that public safety can be ensured without killing civilians. By implementing the right policy changes, we can end police killings and other forms of police violence in the United States.”

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