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Dave Childz – “Forever Real” #TheIndieBooth

Dave Childz - "Forever Real" #TheIndieBooth

Dave Childz might just be for you.

Dave Childz was born in the birthplace of hip hop, The Bronx, New York. By infusing his New York background, eclectic taste in music, and life experiences, he has developed his own unique sound. Accompanied with his own style of production, melodic hooks, and lyrical flows, he has created a soundtrack to life. This is evidenced by tracks like his self-produced single “Forever Real”. Dave Childz has experienced growing notoriety and success with each release; meanwhile developing a cult-like following for himself and his ATFL brand.

“Forever Real” is a track with an ethereal intro, and he comes in on the mic reminding me of Wale, with his voice and his flow. It’s a chill song, and he’s carving his own path. Which makes sense, due to his diverse musical background. Dave Childz might just be for you.


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