Daye Jack – “Save My Soul” (Video)

Nigerian born and Atlanta-raised, Daye Jack has a very new and special view of the world. In his latest video, released a few hours ago, he takes us on a minimalistic journey that packs a big punch. “Save My Soul” is an expressive and refreshing hip-hop track that will blow you away with just he first 8 lines.

A man that could manage
To live life abandoned
He realized his antics
Would leave him in silence
Depressed on the planet
A pressing assignment
Impressing the people
The press and the camera

The video is the perfect match. This song didn’t need a complicated video and instead we get to see Daye Jack in various positions on the screen contrasted against bright backgrounds and white paint. When music stands for itself we no longer need flashy scenes or ego driven content. Daye Jack is known for being one of the most mature (he’s only 19) voices in the industry at the moment and in my opinion one of the best perspectives to look through. Watch the video and let us know what you think!

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