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‘Deadpool 2’ Already Confirmed


It’s no surprise. Deadpool is opening this weekend and it’s been getting great reviews, the studio seems very happy with it so they’ve already greenlit a sequel. Ryan Reynolds is returning, as are the writers and director. That’s nothing but a good thing, and a good sign that this movie should be awesome. There is also a new rumor floating around about a particular character from the X-Men universe making an appearance in this upcoming Deadpool sequel. And apparently, this time-traveller was hinted at in the end credits of the movie.

'Deadpool 2' Already Confirmed

Apparently Nathan “Cable” Summers doesn’t actually show up in the movie himself, but Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool shows up right after the credits have rolled and announces plans to introduce the character into this franchise. Reynolds is definitely on board with introducing this character and I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet we’ll be seeing him in the next one.

Reynolds has also talked about X-Force, and that being a priority for him.

There’s so much material to mine in just the X-Men universe… In the future, if we’re doing a bunch more Deadpool movies, we’re really going to explore the X-Men a lot. We’ll see. And maybe X-Force — X-Force is my priority. I really want to get that in.”

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