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Deltron 3030 – “Event II” #tbt

A sequel album to the amazing Deltron 3030, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien and Dan The Automator joined forces to create the hip-hop due Deltron 3030, with Del as the emcee and Dan making the beats. These two, with their first project, focused their sound towards a more electronic-based atmosphere. And with “Event II” – while it sonically is different from the first, it is still very much in the same spirit as their first album. It’s also got some celebrities offering their voices for features. Del seems to be telling a story throughout the album, which is set in the future, in what sounds like a post-apocalyptic world gone to shit, and Deltron is here to save everybody.
It’s a solid album I felt should have gotten more recognition when it came out back in 2013. Check it out for yourself!

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