Featured Interview: DJ Young Music – 18, Black and Successful

At 18, DJ Young Music has accomplished more than most could imagine from a teen.  Not only has the recent high school graduate (Honor Roll) launched a label as the youngest artist to sign a worldwide music, film and soundtrack agreement, he has been was recently crowned “Live Nation/Scream Nation Mad DJ of the DMV.” He c will also be performing some dates on Chris Brown’s “One Hell of A Nite” tour.

What inspired you to pursue a career in the entertainment industry?
Producer Kevin “Khao” Cates said that I had to learn the craft of deejaying to become a producer which means a lot. I became a DJ following his lead and it has taken me all over the place. I became a DJ following his lead and it has taken me all over the place.

Describe the biggest misconception people have when it comes to deejaying. It’s far more than just playing records.
I can give you an example as far me. I am eighteen years old and African American. People say ‘he’s talented but does he have a high school diploma? Is he educated? Even when you are a positive person, people seek out the negative. I just graduated with honors while succeeding in the music industry.

How do you feel being so young and successful in a field where so many older and more experienced people have not achieved your level of stardom?
I would say that it is a rude awakening for most them. A lot of them weren’t doing one-third of what I am doing at eighteen. Some people are jealous, but for the majority have been supportive and encouraging. They can’t change the past.

You are preparing the Ultimate Mad DJ Championship; what steps are you taking to ensure victory?
I can’t give you the secrets. All I can say is that I am preparing with hard work and dedication. I’m in the studio practicing seven days a week, ten hours a day. You have to outwork the competition. Who works harder than me? Nobody. The competition can’t beat you when they’ve been sleeping and you’ve been working all night.

Share with us what an average day in your life is like?
I just graduated from high school so that out of the way. In the morning, I might be on a conference call with my two artists. If I’m not recording, with the DJ competition coming up, I may be in the studio practicing several hours at a time. That’s my life besides parties and events. Right now, my main focus is getting ready for that competition.

At eighteen, you are now getting press coverage with major media outlets, what led to your decision to take on the responsibilities to launch a label?
I always looked to up to Jay Z. When you are a visionary like me, you have to pursue your vision. I pursued my vision and made it a reality which has made me the youngest person to date with a major distribution deal. My song went number three in the country on the independent chart and it was the first song I released. It’s all about beating the odds and making history.

You have been touring since you were sixteen, a lot of people who reach success at such a young age are not prepared for everything it brings. What has been your secret for maintaining a balance between your professional and personal life?
I worked so hard at the age of nine, the age of ten, the age of eleven, you know what’s coming. Once you have worked so hard to get something, to have something, you know what’s on the line and you know you want to keep it. You want to keep what you have worked so hard to have.

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