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Our immediate reaction to seeing the “Make Gold” music video was “We have to interview this guy!”. We weren’t wrong. Below is my talk with DJ B-SO, the kind, humble, and incredibly talented artist making waves in the industry.

To begin, what got you started in music?
I’ve always been attracted to music. When I was a kid I loved hanging out at my aunt’s radio studios. My cousin was a radio host and DJ. He’s the one who gave me my first lesson in mixing and who bought me my first vinyl when I was 16! I learned to mix to house, it was at the French Touch boom at the time with Daft Punk. I was able to mix in little bars, then in small clubs, but I was a fan of hip-hop so I quickly turned towards the turntables.

From the start, I wanted to mix electronic sounds with the groove and flow of a hip-hop DJ! Scratching, pass pass, they were my dream! I performed my first scratches at a store on some mk2s that had good cross-faders, it was a revelation!

Then I continued, I accumulated experiences by playing at VIP clubs, hip-hop concerts, festivals, and free parties! Mixing and scratching lead me to produce mashups and then to create my first beats, which really changed my way of working. When I discovered Maschine and finger drumming, to be able to compose my own songs and interpret some of them live! It’s the perfect union between being DJ/producer and a musician.

Take us through the process of creating “Make Gold”.
First I created the sound. Then I sampled my voice, said what was going through my mind. I reworked my voice with filters and pitch and that’s when the gimmick MAKE GOLD came out. I love mythology so when I thought about images that could correspond to the concept I had in mind, I thought of the myth of Midas. You know, “the Midas touch.”

My artistic approach was born with this state of mind, and for my first clip, I gave as much importance to the narrative and the concept as to aesthetics. I resolved to invest myself 100% in the screenplay which was based on an ancient archetype, and concerns each one of us, by creating a parallel with the modern world while bringing my visual and musical touch.

When forming my next question I was imagining fairly tame answers but pay close attention to the names he drops below. Remember when I said he was making waves in the industry? I wasn’t kidding.

It’s always interesting to know what makes being an artist rewarding beyond creating. What would you say have been some of your greatest moments so far?
Opening for Redman in France was amazing, he’s so cool! When Missy Elliot re-tweeted one of my remixes and also re-posted my video on her Facebook page. When DJ Snake played my “Sound Of Da Police” remix. When I played at the Eiffel tower! When I uploaded “Make Gold” to Youtube.

This next answer took me by surprise. It was a generic question but he gave an incredibly honest answer. In my opinion, this is why DJ B-SO is making a name for himself.

What separates you from other artists in this genre?
I don’t think anything separates me from other artists, everyone has their own vision of the world, their own experiences, and you’ll perceive a part of my vision and experiences through my work. If I really had to find something that separated me from other DJs in the traditional sense, I would be creating barriers, and I would rather break them down! Life has shown me that when you’re an artist you should be completely open, no matter what someone else in front of you is doing, if it’s sincere and that there’s work behind it, you have to respect it!

I think the future is mixing genres, of all genres! Not long ago, I was able to do a totally spontaneous and improvised Boeuf with musicians from Guyana, I was playing percussion on my “maschine” ! It was just a crazy moment! Those are the kinds of experiences that inspire my productions!

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