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Dom Kennedy VS. Nipsey Hussle – Who’s Got Bars

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A comparison of lyricism between Dom Kennedy and Nipsey Hussle.

These two emcees come from one of the most beneficial places in the world for the development of hip-hop, Los Angeles. Dom and Nipsey have respectfully acknowledged one another, worked together quite a bit, and privileged fans to some dope tracks. But when it comes down to it, who’s got harder bars? Let’s throw it back to the very last day of 2014; Nipsey’s ‘Mailbox Money’ tape.

[Nipsey Hu$$le]
“Uh look, swervin… feelin this shit, brown liquor on my liver and shit,
Fast life, still livin and shit, black leather suede ceilings and shit,
Top floor tall building and shit, live by the model let’s get killed or get rich,
Fly to islands just to chill with a bitch, I’m just a nigga that was real and that’s it,
With no regards to how you feel about shit, them German plates on my 6,
I sleep light, but I dream big, I tend to talk less cause I seen shit,
Stick to the script until the scene switch, I wrote this movie, get this money is what the theme is,
I’m smoking weed like a weed head, Mimosas by the oceans with the cheese eggs,
Flickin ashes out my sunroof, victory cause real niggas in the lead here.”

[Dom Kennedy]
“I’m working, to like 3 AM, the most beloved nigga from the CA, unh
We hit Mitchell&Ness in the PAD, it’s back to LA, let the VA speak,
We at sachi bowl, saw BH, yea, That Perrier water, that’s for me right there,
No soda drinkin, french fries at the roller rink, just the playa president, what you hoes been thinkin?
Letting niggas gas you all crazy, last time I seen him he was acting all shady,
CLS taillights pass you all crazy, OPM the army, exactly like baby,
Except we ain’t got no funding from Universal, but still getting cameos in them big commercials,
Gimme something to mix with this lil purp, light that up keep it in the circle, you know.”

Fans could say that Nipsey simply has seniority, but the reality of it is that his experience really has allowed him to hone his lyricism, flow, and all around ability to make his way around the beat. No offense Dom, but Nip takes this one.

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