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Lets Talk about that Donald Trump KKK Photo

As much as I would love to link Donald Trump to that KKK photo, something’s are just not what they appear.

Defending Donald Trump makes my blood boil and even while writing I’m trying hard to talk myself out of it. I guess the non believer in his Presidency wishes I could actually find something linking him directly to The Klan. Not saying he doesn’t have ties but nevertheless being the journalist that I am. Telling the truth and fact checking is all part of the job. Right?

The fact is, I’ve yet to find anything other than him saying he never met David Duke. Who knows if its true or not but even that doesn’t mean he is himself a Klan member. For more on his statements The Washington post has an article they published back on March 1st 2016 titled;

Donald Trump and David Duke: For the record

So what made me look into this photo you ask? I was sent a DM moments ago on Facebook with the subject saying.

Pass it around before they take it down.

With the above pic of (Damn its hard to say) President Donald J. Trump arms draped across Klan member in front of a burning cross. I’ve actually seen the pic floating around on the internet recently. Didn’t pay it any mind. Subconsciously I wanted it to be true. But like I told the person who I will keep nameless…

Do you honestly think Donald Trump would be posing in a pic with the KKK wearing a suit and tie. U honestly think this is real?

No response was given.

So while watching the Orange Cheeto sign executive orders to reinstate the Keystone and Dakota access pipeline this morning. I simply did a good search of Donald Trump KKK photo. The search brought me to a snopes article with the claim that Trump pictured at a cross burning with the KKK is false.

Snopes also states this image is a real photograph, but it depicts a lookalike figure and not the real Donald Trump that was the brain child of photographer Alison Jackson.

Jackson employs actors to “stage” photographs showing celebrities in compromising positions. I guess a simple search would have shown that but in a world of fake news and social media, believing an alternative fact is the new thing.

For the record Donald Trump has said during his campaign in an interview;

Trump: “I didn’t even know he endorsed me. David Duke endorsed me? Okay, all right. I disavow, okay?”

Not what you would expect from someone who is the leader of the free world but it is what it is.

Let us know your thoughts about it.

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