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Listen To Kanye West, Diplo, Future & The Weekend “Drunk In Love” Beyonce – Remixes

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Seems like everyone has a remix to Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love” featuring Husband Jay -Z. From Kanye West, Rapper Future, The Weekend and now Los Angeles Dj / Rapper Diplo has put together his rendition of Drunk In Love with called “Biggie Bounce” We’ve decided to put a list together to let you be the judge who has the better version.

Personally Beyonce’s original version featuring Jay Z is by far the best but for a remix Kanye West is definitely getting the most buzz do to the fact of the raunchy lyrics taking what was the ladies anthem to a hood rat jump off is actually the official remix.

With references to fiancé, Kim Kardashian in the horrible “Bound 2 Video” (“I put you on that bike, you ‘Bound’ girl”). Kanye’s lyrics completely sexed up the track and of course he took it to another level that even ex model girlfriend Amber Rose goes in saying Kanye West ruined her favorite song.

You love the way I’m turnt/ After all that money you earned, still show daddy what you’ve learned/ That cowgirl, you reversed that cowgirl/ You reversed, you reversed and I impregnated your mouth, girl/ That’s when I knew you can be my spouse, girl.

amber rose tweets about Kanye West

amber rose tweets about Kanye West

Not even a day after the release of the remix, Beyoncé dropped a 30-second video as a chap-wearing cowgirl wrangling horses putting the stamp of approval on the controversial version by Yeezus.

Check out all the remixes below and let us know what version you are rocking right now.

Beyonce “Drunk In Love” Video Remix

T.I. “Drunk In Love” Remix

Diplo “Drunk In Love Remix”

The Weekend “Drunk In Love” Remix

Future “Drunk In love” Remix

Kanye West “Drunk In Love” Remix

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