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Is this the Eminem “Drake Diss” Track Leak? Listen Now

Did The freestyle RAP GOD “Eminem” just go full retard on Drake with supposedly new leaked diss track. Em not only put drake in a lyrical choke hold he also threw jabs at Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross. Just in case anyone forgot who the real Freestyle Rap Battle King this just might bring you back to a day when Em wouldn’t hold is tongue and slay anyone in his peripherals.  Although rumor has it that Ebro from hot97 started this whole Eminem vs Drake beef if this is actually authentic and not some old diss track some clever youtuber found in all honestly it sounds like the old Eminem and we we can’t confirm the date it was made but for the time being we welcome it… this is the old Em we all know and love aint it???

Drake if you are listening…. and I’m sure you are… you might want to just “Fa Get About It” Bruh!!! No way would you or could you eva eva eva come close to successfully battling Eminem in a rap battle. If this is an indication of the diss to come I can’t wait for it to blow into a full blown battle.

Ok so after all that reading its NOT Eminem at all. Its actually an Eminem wanna be called Denace and the song is called “Renegade” 


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