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Erich Mrak – “Think About It” #TheIndieBooth

Erich Mrak - "Think About It" #TheIndieBooth

Erich Mrak has returned. He’s got new music in 2017 for his fans, his first new song of 2017. Mrak is staying on his grind and it looks like it is really paying off. It makes sense. He began writing his own music when he was just 7 years old and is still doing so at 21 years old. “Think About It” sounds nothing like his last single “Float,” and that’s not a bad thing at all. Written by Erich, and produced by Bento, Erich’s in-house producer, it goes in a different direction production-wise. You’re still getting that spacey, atmospheric tone, but this track is less upbeat. It’s much more laidback and chilled out. It’s still what we love best about Mrak.


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