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Exclusive Interview With Christian Taelor #TheIndieBooth


Interview sponsored by Studio 28 Productionz, LLC, and exclusively released on Swurv Radio

Christian Taelor

Christian Taelor is a 20 year old artist, prefers to be referred to as an artist because he frequently ventures far out of the range of rapping, from Avon, Indiana. Christian began making music for fun at the age of 15, and at the time he was a member of DSG with two former high school friends. About two years later, after developing as an artist over time, Christian Left DSG to venture as a solo artist. He decided that if he was going to be taken serious as an artist & to progress, he would need to focus more on furthering his development and less on the fun aspects of making music. After being told by numerous people that he should actually put together a project, he finally did. The idea of PINK was born. He decided to name the album PINK off of an impulse- Feeling he had nothing to lose or gain to begin with, so why not allow his mind to just take a step back & instead be carried by vibes alone? PINK was recorded over a span of 8 hours (broken up as two studio session) at City Dump Records completely engineered by Freddy Bunz. With the help of Fazle, Ver$atile, and Ace Vercetti as features, PINK was released on October 18, 2016 as Christian‘s debut project threw streaming platforms. Just a few short months later, Christian began working on a follow-up project titled “I Swear I’m Up 2 No Good”. He is currently still in the process of crafting the project but plans to release it sometime in the Winter of 2017. Aside from music, Christian has a newly found passion for modeling and fashion. He has been greatly inspired by artists/visionaries such as Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Pimp C, Kurt Cobain, Andre 3000, Jay Z, & especially Lil Wayne. He has always built himself on the idea of competing with his idols and eventually becoming better than them. Until that day arrives, he plans to keep evolving as an artist and become the self professed “Rockstar” portrayed in his lifestyle.

Christian Taelor
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