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Featured Interview: Kettie Munroe @BrutallyVintage

Meet Kettie Munroe

This is *Kettie Munroe*. The next young artist you should be on the lookout for. She is an alternative pop singer/songwriter hailing from Boston, and is of Hatian descent.

1) Let’s start at the beginning. What were you listening to as a child, what was it that launched you into the pursuit of music?– Well I was born throughout the 90’s (December 31st 1992) & my parents being from the island oh Haiti , were very into pop culture when they came to America. My father listened to the king himself , Michael Jackson , & my mother listened to bob Marley . That branched me into Madonna , Aaliyah , Britney Spears & Janet Jackson . I’ve always loved how each star was so unique in there own individual ways . But it was Madonna that made me want to dance with my soul .

2) When it came to defining your own sound, what was that process like? How did you come to figure out what Kettie Munroe should sound like? -To be honest , I never knew there was such a thing as “sound ” for each individual artist . I looked at it more as there blueprint , what made them stand out . “Sound ” I guess to me is like energy that you feel from the artist every time they sing or rap. The deliverance , the style , the uniqueness , & with me I know there were a lot of molds I didn’t fit …that I would never fit . But that’s what made me stand out. I learned to except that I was different & my sound was born .

3) What was your initial vision for this upcoming EP VenusFlytrap? What did you want to say as an artist with this debut project, how did you want to introduce yourself to the world?VenusFlytrap represents a misunderstood villain. I use the word villain because a lot of villains are misunderstood . Not all villains are bad actually … A VenusFlytrap plant if known for eating the insects that’s try to feed on it . I stand for what I believe in & I don’t believe in “the look” cause let’s face it , those plants are beautiful , til you try to feed off of it and ruin it’s being . guess you can call it a rebel itself .

4) What artists are currently catching your attention and maybe even inspiring you? What current albums/songs stay in constant rotation?– LORDE ! I am absolutely Obsessed with Lorde . For a long time I’ve hated the fact that a lot of labels were signing these artist that just could not relate to the real world in any way or to the loyal fans who gave them a chance to be heard . Songs that’s made no sense with a hot beat & no true meaning behind it . She truly impressed me . “royals ” was great but when I heard the whole “PURE HEROINE” EP. I downloaded every song & had it on repeat ever since .

5) How did your song “Kings Bed” come about? -“Kings bed” is actually about devoting yourself to a higher power . Whether it’s money, a lover , fame , ect. It’s a metaphor that I used for the feeling of being vulnerable to what your whole entire being desires. I wrote it while on an injury with a broken ankle so I locked myself in my room , had a little drink, & dived right in. It wasn’t like I was going anywhere til I finished it .
The best was produced by DYNO who’s out in Manhattan . Coolest Asian you’ll ever meet .

6) One other thing I have noticed about you is your unique taste in fashion, which I really love. Did the music you grew up listening to play a big role in how you wanted to look?– absolutely , mostly because The music that I listened to were from a lot of the artist that came out in the late 80’s early 90’s (Janet Jackson , Madonna , Aaliyah ). I adore vintage clothing. I’m a huge vintage shopper. Anything from overalls to leather jackets I’ll wear . The best part about expressing your music is the style that you have hi deliver it with .

7) Has the city you’ve grown up in, Boston, had an effect on your music and your aspirations as an artist? How has living in Boston shaped you into the person you are today?– there were a lot of pros & cons to the influence of living – As a con I felt like whenever I had mentioned to someone that I first met that music is what I was doing , I was looked at as a joke because they were majoring in Criminal justice at Bay state or medicine at Harvard. (Catered for Harvard alumnus) Some of them went to MIT and studied how to build computers. I kind of felt like I never fit in with there idea of “career choice”. But then The pro was that i remembered how Much passion those student & grads had about their career choices which burned just as bright as mine so why feel bad? It’s who I am . I’m an artist , it’s not a job. It’s a life & my music can influence people just as much as their medicine , laws , and computers will too.

8) Name your favorite album, artist, and song, and why- My favorite album was the “Recovery” album by Eminem( Also my favorite rapper of all time ) . The album took me out of a really dark place that I was in. At one point I was suicidal & that album saved my life . I’ll never forget how much it healed me . I was alone with no one there & it gave me hope . It was like it came out exactly when I needed it . I still have it displayed in my room . My favorite song on that album was “going through changes ” which was exactly what I was going thorough . Changes .

9) Outside of music, what else keeps you occupied, what do you enjoy doing on your down time, away from the mic?– I’m a writer at heart . I love to write stories songs, poems. Non fiction stories of course . I hope that someday I get to write a script for a play , a song for someone or even a movie . That would be dope .

10) And lastly, do you have any final thoughts, jokes, comments, shoutouts? Sure ! You could become a billionaire & cure cancer forever tomorrow but people will still find something to say about you . As long as your happy with your progress in life , you’ll always be above them .

Shoutout to DYNO for his hard work on my project
Shout out to Fernando Sanchez of TME for his valuable friendship & believing me, hard work with me as an artist and person
Shout out to CEO Strong for believing in me as well and pulling some strings that he did not have to do but out of the faith in me he did , your awesome !
& special thanks & shoutout to #SWURVRADIO for putting this together . My first interview, this meant a lot to me thank you for the support !

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