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Mecca Maddison

The multi-talented Mecca Maddison gave us an exclusive interview. Mecca is a talented singer, dancer, and model. She began booking work as a model after signing with a well known agency a few years ago. She has done promotional modeling for large brand name companies, fashion shows, and music videos. Mecca has appeared in the following publications: Esquire, Maxim, Lowrider, Prototype…and now Swurv Radio.
Mecca Maddison
1. So, Mecca, I hear that you are somewhat of a triple threat, a singer, dancer and model. Which came first? And how/when did the other two follow? I started singing first. I began singing at the age of 4. My mother was a singer/dancer as well. She knew how important it was to be well rounded. So, she enrolled me in dance classes shortly after she discovered that I could sing. I trained in Jazz, Bellydance, and Musical Theater. After that, I started performing everywhere possible. I fell in love with modeling later on when I had signed with a talent agency and booked my first modeling job.

2. How was the Blox event for you this year? I assume that’s where you first were introduced to Swurv? The Blox event was so much fun! I got a chance to meet so many talented and wonderful people! I can’t wait to do it all again next year. Yes! I got the opportunity to meet Osiris from Swurv and we instantly clicked. We did a mini photoshoot at Blox, he explained what Swurv was about, and we discussed working together in the future. It was meant to be!
3. So take us through a typical day for Mecca, what is your daily routine? I’m a free spirit, so everyday is different. One day I might go get a massage and eat lunch with some friends. The next day I might be doing numerous photoshoots and/or gigs. I’m more of a “go with the flow” type of girl haha.

4. What are the downsides of modeling for you? The only downside in my opinion is hoping that the person i’m working with whether it be a photographer or model, will be just as professional as I am. I had a few photographers not return my edits on time or at all, some cancel shoots the day of, etc. If you expect me to be professional, I expect the same. It goes both ways.
Mecca Maddison
5. What kind of music do you enjoy listening to, who are some of your favorite artists today? Or even from years ago. I love all music but if I had to choose, my favorite would probably be neo-soul. I love Sade, Amel Larrieux, Alina Baraz, Miguel, Lenny Kravitz, Prince, and the list goes on.

6. How long have you been a Lil Rob fan? I’ve been a Lil Rob fan since I was a teenager. I heard “Neighborhood Music” on the radio and instantly became a fan. I went out and bought the album a few days later haha.

7. What else interests you and keeps you occupied? Hobbies, video games? I enjoy traveling, yoga, hookah, trying new restaurants, movies, and video games for sure.

8. I would imagine being a model can afford you the luxury of being able to travel often. One country/continent you are dying to visit for the first time? I would love to visit Egypt! I want to see the pyramids and bellydance in the sand haha.

9. I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of dudes trying to spit game at you. What has been the absolutely lamest attempt at getting your attention? And furthermore, do you have any advice for the gentlemen that just don’t know how to approach beautiful women such as yourself? The lamest attempt was when a guy came up to me and asked if I wanted to be his future ex wife. Respect is everything to me. If being funny is more important you than being respectful to a woman you find attractive, then you have a few issues to work on before trying to date anyone.
Mecca Maddison
10. Outside of things like entertainment, the modeling and all of that…what are you really most passionate about? What grounds you back in reality? Family I’m sure is key. But are there any social/activists campaigns that you are fond of, charities? I am a big supporter of the yoga community. I love to meditate! It keeps me grounded. I make sure that set aside time for myself. It’s the only way I can improve and grow into a stronger version of myself.

11. Any final thoughts, closing statements for our readers out there? I want to thank Swurv for showing me so much love and support. I truly appreciate it! Thank you!

Photos included courtesy of Ranish Prakash. Follow Mecca Maddison: Instagram|Facebook|Twitter

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