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Fleshtone or Nude: The Debate is a Matter Of Perception

We arrived at a consensus last year that “Nude” isn’t for everyone. Women of color have long understood that nude is a subjective color. Much like “the dress” it’s a matter of perception.

As we have come to this conclusion what’s been done about it? Will there be a major overhaul of the fashion industry’s idea of what nude actually is? I doubt it. Especially when only 20% of models are women of color. There are some places that have heard our plea and are taking pioneer steps in accommodating those of us whom nude can be a perplexing matter.

Ade Hassan understood the struggle oh too well which led her to start Nubian Skin. The company offers a line of nude bras, underwear and hosiery in four different flesh tone shades. All items are available on their website.

Those red bottoms are in the forefront of realizing that nude is a matter of personal skin tone. The French footwear designer has a line of nude heels that range from pale blush to rich chestnut entitled “Leslie Nudes.”

The famed designer had this to say of the line:

“This collection offers a spectrum of nude, re-imagining the perception of the color as a pale blush, and introducing it as the color of flesh, which ranges well beyond this traditional reference.”

The company has also devised an app called Louboutin Shades, that allows shoppers to find their perfect nude by taking photos of their feet. While it’s great that these two companies have jumped ahead of the curve, what’s taking the rest of the industry so long to catch on. Hassan, the owner of Nubian Skin had this to say when talking to groundswell.org:

“I think it’s a matter of perspective—the heads of most large retail brands are middle-aged, white men. They know what sells for them, and they’re never going to wake up in the morning, put on a sheer blouse and think ‘I could really do with a nude bra to match my complexion under this.’ It’s not their fault, it’s just their reality.”

So it seems as if a change of guards will have to take place before a noticeable shift will occur. It’s up to the youth of today to demolish color lines by understanding that there are more than one reality.

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