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The Game & Snoop Dogg Talk With Los Angeles Police Department

The Game & Snoop Dogg Talk With Los Angeles Police Department

Snoop Dogg and the Game organized a peaceful march Friday in Los Angeles, in case you didn’t know. It wasn’t getting a whole lot of attention at the time but now it seems like it is. They brought together “me of all races” and marched down to the Los Angeles Police Department to try and make peace on both sides, after this week of horrible police brutality, violence and death. The Game declared that their objective was “to make the Californian government & it’s law branches aware that from today forward, we will be unified as minorities & we will no longer allow them to hunt us or be hunted by us !!!

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“History was made. Mountains were moved. Communication barriers were shattered & dialogue was opened & will continue to broaden in the days & weeks to come. I woke up with a mission…. & by day’s end that mission was accomplished & respect was given & displayed in a room full of men with integrity, wisdom, knowledge & power. This wasn’t for anyone individually but for all of us as a whole especially our women, children & immediate families. In my opinion this was the 1st BIG step taken by all of us towards a more unified Los Angeles for all of those who live in it & call it home as well as those who visit & appreciate the beauty of our city….. This was a positive moment that will go down in history & I am glad & very appreciative that I was a part of something so impactful…….. This one was for our children & their futures here in LA…. Congrats on a win for all parties involved today.. Let us continue on our mission, for God knows I left my home today with nothing but pure intentions & positivity on my heart & it shined through today & created an energy that could be shared by people all across the world……. Aye @SnoopDogg, WE DID THAT !!!!!!”

Police Chief Beck apparently revealed that the two groups had found common ground during their meeting. What this means for the future of the LAPD, which has been the most corrupt and crooked police department in the country, only time will tell.


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