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George Miller Might Direct A DC Movie

George Miller Might Direct A DC Movie

Who is George Miller? He just directed the best film of this year, Mad Max: Fury Road. So needless to say, he’s an incredible filmmaker. At one time, like somewhere around 2007, George Miller was actually preparing to direct a Justice League film. This is the project that featured Chi-town emcee Common as John Stewart and Armie Hammer as Batman. That project fell through and never saw the light of day, even though it was close to happening.

But recently, there have been rumors swirling around of Miller possibly directing a sequel to Man of Steel. However, it seems that certain sources are shooting that rumor down. George Miller is indeed talking to Warner Bros. about directing one of their DC comic book properties – it just may not be Man Of Steel 2. According to Den Of Geek, Miller is looking at a future DC project, but what he settles on will ultimately “depend on what story most interests him, his take on it and everyone’s availability.” Which is perfectly reasonable.

So while it is possible that a Man Of Steel sequel could still happen, it seems more likely the studio would be trying to focus on finding someone to helm one of the movies already on their jam-packed slate. Plus, the site also reports that, from what they’ve heard, the sequel is actually on “permanent hold.” What do you think about all of this?

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