History Proves That Thinking Freely Is America’s Most Powerful Weapon

The ability to think freely has always been a key factor in providing freedom for Americans. As a matter of fact, the concept of the United States of America, as an independent nation, is a direct result of free thought. America was founded by a group of people who were not afraid of challenging the orthodox way of government.

They say that George Washington actually lost a majority of his battles. But this is because a majority of his wins were not taken through battle, but through assassination. Washington’s army of colonists was far outnumbered by the British Empire. And he knew that to win, he would have to attack when and where the opposition would not expect. The most notable example of this was Washington’s crossing of the Delaware River; a nighttime guerrilla-style assassination that took place from an unexpected angle, at an unexpected time.

Washington established his politics with the same conduct that he carried out his militant battles – with guerrilla tactics. Democracy at this time, was not only radical, it was revolutionary. As one could imagine, the concept of democracy posed a major threat against the systems of monarchy held in European tradition. Because of this, the agenda of employing democracy upon the new independent nation was mostly discussed in the secrecy of personal letters and masonic lodges. We can be sure of this, because only freemasons such as Washington himself, ever mentioned democracy to his closest colleagues, including fellow mason Benjamin Franklin.

Benjamin Franklin also exercised revolutionary ideals. One example of this, was the fact that he fully supported the idea of the colonies issuing their own money. He recognized that the American colonies had a flawless economy before the British government established the Currency Act of 1764, which would restrict the colonies’ ability to issue their own money.

As of modern times, we can relate to this, as the United States does not issue money, but only borrows it from the Federal Reserve with a side order of debt, or interest. The Federal Reserve is a central bank that does NOT fall under the control of the federal government, therefore, America does not issue its own money. Benjamin Franklin is surely spinning his grave.

Franklin was often consulted by Thomas Paine, and played a role in publishing Paine’s Common Sense. The essay highlighted reasoning behind the benefits of becoming an independent nation, and allowed colonists to fully understand the leverage that the British government held against them.

This supports the case that during the revolution, politicians aided the media, in order to educate the public. Unfortunately, the roles have changed. In recent times, the media instead aids their favored politicians in order to sway the opinions of the public. The most recent example of this would be that Time Warner and Comcast Corp were some of Hillary Clinton’s largest donors. It’s unlikely to be a coincidence that news networks owned by Time Warner and Comcast held polls that suggested Clinton was way ahead. As I pointed out in a previous article, polls are an extremely inaccurate method that news networks use only to sway the public opinion.

Democracy is not the only concept that America has adopted from ancient Greece. Greek politicians widely publicized sporting and entertainment events. This is said to have been done in order to “distract” the general public, similar to the way that modern media hardly acknowledges concepts of any real political relevance. Large media networks have slowly become a way to condition the opinions of the general public.

If not for free-thinking politicians and journalists such as Washington, Franklin and Paine to stealthy establish their ideals, we would not live in the society of democracy that we know and love today. Our nation was founded on radical concepts that some of the colonists had then considered to be treason. This proves that we should not consider things that have succeeded in the past, such as issuing our own currency, to be radical. History proves that as Americans, our strongest weapon against opposing world powers is the ability to think freely.

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