This Iggy Azalea “Bounce” Video Is Weak AF!

On a scale of 1 to 10 Iggys “Mo Bounce” video is shit.

Twerking or not. After getting dropped from T.I’s Grand Hustle the Aussie flapper hasn’t had a decent hit since Fancy. After a small hiatus from music, Iggy Azalea is trying to bounce back with her new twerking video.

“Mo Bounce” is the second single off of Azalea’s upcoming album entitled Digital Distortion that nobody is waiting for. And if we’re gonna be honest… This Iggy Azalea “Bounce” Video Is Weak As Fuck! No disrespect to Lil Internet who directed the video but there is nothing fancy about it. Mo Bounce is complete garbage and the twerking isn’t that great to make you want to watch the entire thing.  Oddly enough the director, Lil Internet is credited with directing much more talented artist such as um… Beyonce. Going from Queen Bea to this is definitely not a good look.

The camera work is probably the best thing about the video but that all goes to shit when you hear Iggy’s voice come in sounding like a dolphin begging for fish at Sea World. Shot somewhere in Hong Kong with a few dancers twerking and a little Asian girl who’s parents probably don’t realize the subject matter of the video. It just ain’t twerking bruh.

I know I’m probably going in a little hard but there’s  nothing about this song that makes me want to listen, watch or play on the radio. Iggy Azalea may be rich and have a banging body but that’s where it stops. Give up this rap shit and make your money doing something other than this. It’s over.

Check out the video and let us know what you think.

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