Interview With Kreative Apparel (@ktapparel)

Interview With Kreative Apparel @ktapparel
Kreative Apparel is more than your average fashion line. The company, KreativeThinking, is building brands from the start and using their amazing design sense to make clothes for those who want to stand out. I got the chance to interview one of the founders to talk about how they got started and who should be shopping their online store,


You have such a creative line. How did you get started? 
Why Thank you! I got started with K’T late 2010 early 2011. It started with a mere conversation between two friends (Craig Brown and myself) with the hopes of bettering our future and not being confined to a mere 9-5 job. That conversation turned into ideas being put in motion which led to KreativeThinking LLC being formed then all the way to what you see today. So yea…. when Drake said “started from the bottom” K’T really started from the BOTTOM… shout out Drake!!


Now that you’re established has anything changed with what or how you create? 
Yes Absolutely! I would say the designs from then to now have changed immensely. One will always say their own creative work is good, but when I look back at all my creative work I say YUCK! With anything, life, work, business, etc one has to evolve and I feel the brand and the designs have evolved tenfold. I always challenge my team and myself to push the design limits and dare to be kreative and make our next work better than our last. Now that we’re becoming more established more and more eyes are upon us, so we must constantly stay ahead of the kreative curve and keep the people engaged with our unique designed garments.  Fashion has leaped so far ahead of time that you can pretty much put anything out and it will sell (Kanye’s fashion line).

Kreative Apparel

How would you describe the type of person that would love your store? 
The type of person that would love our store is one who has a limitless mind. One who dares to be kreative and loves colors and uniqueness. Our brand caters to a mass population of people who goes into a store and sees that one garment they like, but maybe it’s not the color they wanted or maybe the design doesn’t have a particular color they like… welp…that’s when you come to K’T apparel!! One of our many slogans is “Wear what everyone else isn’t” because we thrive on one of one garments which are created to “fit your individual swag”.


KreativeThinking is more than just a fashion line. You all have helped businesses with logos and promotional items. Tell me more about that.
Yes! I’m glad you guys noticed that! What a majority of people don’t know is that KreativeThinking is an actual company. We are an LLC business from New York which offers a lot of other services. K’T the “brand” is just one branch under the KreativeThinking umbrella.We offer logo design, vector conversion, t-shirt printing, website services and a slew of other things as well. The brand is just the catalyst of it all and with that, we promote our other services with it. We’ve had clients come get a logo design from us then turn right around and get their t-shirts printed through us. So we’re like your one stop shop for all things branding wise. As the company and brand grows these thing will come to the forefront more and more, and I thank Swurv for bringing light to that!

Also, I want to shout out to the KT Team! 

Tiffany (@curlyknows) Ortiz -model
Shay  (@yungd0llaz) Ringling -model
Jasmine (@_jaszmine) Plaza -model
Chris (@hesayheforeign) Chandler -model
Tee (@_mr_perfection_) Morgan -photographer
Patreace (@patreacerashae) Mcquay -photographer
DeNeer (@neerperfection) Davis -artist
Quilla (@insomni_act) T -Blogger
These guys keep the K’T wheels moving and I’m forever grateful to work with them!


Thank you KreativeThinking for a great interview! Be sure to check them out on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated.


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