Why Jay-Z’s 4:44 Went Platinum After a Few days

Going platinum is Easy if your Jay-Z:

Explaining why Jay-Z’s ‘4:44’ album that went platinum days after its release
might be difficult to understand, so we wanted to break it down.

A lot has been written about the new Jay-Z’s 4:44 by so called music critics. It is understandable that some people will never take a look at the positives in anything; rather they will always stick with the negatives. The 4:44 just went platinum, and many people still could not wrap their minds around this. The result is that they have gone to the market with reasons why it shouldn’t have.

Critical Points to Consider About 4:44 Going Platinum. There are many points to consider here. The first one is that this is not the first time Jay-Z is giving out an album that has gone platinum. The fact is that no hip hop artist alive has more platinum albums than the man in question. So, if he deserved the ones he got before, why doesn’t he deserve this? The truth is, it is in him to give the world something that will always sell like water.

One is left to ask whether the barrage of criticisms of this new album is because he gave what critics never hoped for. The world is seriously struggling to kill the family system. Separation and divorce are encouraged at every little misunderstanding between couples, and same-sex marriage, which cannot produce any kids, is hyped more than anything else. Then come Jay-Z and Beyoncé who actually loves the family system. They married and started making babies, and then the misunderstandings crept in. But instead of going their separate ways, they shouldered it and came out to sing about it. This never augurs well with people who would have preferred to see them separate. Making this their triumph over their misunderstanding the object of their music ruffled a few feathers, but not many.

Why the Album Should and Have Gone Platinum:

Jay-Z’s 4:44 is actually centered on betrayal. But as a celebrity, instead of going all sanctimonious, and engaging in the blame game, he presented himself as the traitor and came out apologizing. This is his number one sympathy tool. Another thing is that people who genuinely love and follow artists will always want to know more about their personal lives. So when they put it out in the form of a song, these lots will rush to buy it. In this album, Jay-Z showcased maturity in his missteps and eventual triumphs, and not the infallible and never-do- wrong hustler of the past. He showcased what marriage has taught him, what he expects to leave behind for the kids, and the most real part of our lives which is our struggle with ourselves. This will always endear well-meaning people to him and get to them pick the album.

Coupled to this is his contract with Samsung that saw them prepay for 1 million copies of the albums so that they can offer it to their Samsung Galaxy owners. This is the part that pushed up the 4:44 on the Billboard 200. Now, people may argue that the MCHG, Billboard has gone against prepaid albums counting towards charting. But this does not apply when the prepaid album is offered to people who also participate in buying or downloading it. Galaxy owners took action to get the 4:44 offered by Samsung, so it counts. That is why the album has gone platinum.

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