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Jesse Royal – ‘Give Me Likkle/Finally’ #TheIndieBooth

jesse royal

Jamaican artist, Jesse Royal releases a video for his 2015 hit songs Give Me Likkle/Finally. The smooth reggae tracks highlight Jesse Royal’s anticipation for Jamaica to finally legalize Marijuana, Calling out Jamaica out with lyrics:

“We don’t want to be no victim to the system. Marijuana never hurt nobody, it’s all propaganda”

With a strong political message Jesse Royal is seen as a ganja farmer, who delivers his produce to different people all over the island, showing that everyone benefits from weed. He delivers it to the police station, to members of the public, herbalist and the hospital.  We do get to see the down side of Marijuana as some people are arrested for having a good time smoking.

The second half of the video we see Jesse Royal Imagining what it would be like when Weed is finally legalized and there is no running from the police as he is able to do his trade in peace.

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