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John Felton Pulled Over For Making Eye Contact With Officer

john felton

So John Felton was pretty much making eye contact while black, which is essentially what caused him to get pulled over. He made direct eye contact with a police officer, and that was just too much of an insult to the cop’s ego.

An Ohio police officer copped to this BS on camera, admitting he stopped John Felton, a black man, “because you made direct eye contact with me, and you held on to it while I was passing you,” after initially claiming that he stopped Felton for failing to signal. He was trailing him for 2 miles.

This WTF story was brought to the attention of talk show host and Huffington Post blogger David Pakman, who did write about the story on the site.

“As suspicious as ‘making direct eye contact’ may be to a police officer, doing the exact opposite—that is, avoiding eye contact with a police officer—could be considered equally suspicious by an officer,” Pakman wrote. “In other words, both making eye contact and not making eye contact with police could, conceivably, be grounds for a traffic stop.” Just watch the video, it details everything.

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