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Jon Bernthal On The Set Of “Daredevil” As The Punisher Taking A Dude Out

Jon Bernthal As The Punisher On The Set of Daredevil

Jon Bernthal is back in action on the set of Daredevil, although he still doesn’t have that classic skull logo on his chest. Probably because this is yet another scene which takes place in a public setting, and it would be pretty odd of Frank to put it on full display in an environment like this. Especially if he’s supposed to be undercover.

Regardless, that doesn’t stop one goon trying to take him down as you can see from the images below,from Just Jared. Skull logo or not, Jon Bernthal looks great here, and it’s clear that he’s going to pose a real problem for Daredevil which isn’t really all that surprising.

After looking at these pictures, I pondered the possibility that they would be giving Frank Castle his origin story on the show. We’d see him as a family man and see his family die and watch his transformation in to The Punisher. Maybe, maybe not.

Any thoughts on what’s going on in this new look at the show?

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