Jordin Sparks – “Right Here Right Now” (Album Review)

jordin sparks

Jordin Sparks released her long awaited album, “Right Here Right Now” this week. She is growing into her new life as a strong woman and shedding off the young girl that won American Idol in 2007. We have to remember that she hasn’t released an album since “Battlefield” in 2009 and since then has been dealing with medical issues affecting her voice. Even with that there is no lack of talent, but a lack of true R&B production that makes you forget how impressive Jordin Sparks is. This album is a big step in the right direction but do not expect to be blown away. There are a few let downs when it comes to “Right Here Right Now”. Tracks such as “Casual Love”, “It Ain’t You”, and “100 Years” miss the mark in every category. She sounds pushed and/or lacking confidence especially in “It Ain’t You”. As a song concept, I like it but coming from Jordin it isn’t believable. At least not with the public image we have all grown accustomed to. Her delivery isn’t spot on consistently enough to make a great album this time around.

It is not all negative, tracks such as “They Don’t Give” and “Unhappy” are amazing and make me excited for her future music. Jordin had this to say about working with Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds and Salaam Remi on “They Don’t Give”. “It was such an honor for me to work with Babyface on this album. I was really inspired by ’90s R&B, and he was the king! It takes me back to the ‘feel good’ songs I grew up listening to! I am so proud of it!”. The old school R&B inspired track is perfect for her sultry voice. When Jordin slows it down and displays her range it’s hard to beat. Maturity, experience, and time will tell if she can step out of the box and into a new level of stardom. I myself have always been a huge Jordin Sparks fan and hope that in the next year she will finally find her sound.

We have included the Spotify stream below so check out the album and let us know what you think!

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