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Jurassic 5 & XV: #WYLT?


Welcome to the first of many random ideas I decide will change your life because I said so. What Y’all Listening To? is a little event I will do every now and then, suggesting one or two songs I am currently listening to and loving. I’m nice like that. You’re welcome.

First up:
Is Jurassic 5! I have been listening to these guys for years. I first heard them on the video game soundtrack for Tony Hawk’s Underground. Anybody remember that game? I’m not the only one. Whenever this song, “A Day At The Races” came on I was so pumped. The song is the 6th track on Jurassic 5’s second album Power In Numbers.
This is just a song with a bunch of guys just spitting greatness with no hook. It’s always felt like a cypher to me, that’s why I love it so much. Here, take a listen:

Next up:
XV! I had never heard of this rapper until this summer, like at the beginning of summer. XV made this project called Popular Culture.
That album cover tells you exactly what this album is about. If the title didn’t already. XV makes a lot of references to movies, TV shows, comics and video games. Even in some of the production, using samples from films. The dude made a song called “The Kick” using a sample of Hans Zimmer’s score from the actual film Inception. But the song I picked tonight is called “Mary Kate & Ashley”. Do you know what popular TV show he’s referencing? Listen to the song:

And that’s all for tonight, folks. Jurassic 5 & XV. Those are songs I love. But that’s just me. What y’all listening to?

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