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How Kanye is a reflection of mental illness in fans!

Kanye West

How Kanye is a reflection of mental illness in fans!

An open letter from Entertainment Blogger, Andre J. Thomas

Kanye West

When I was asked to write a commentary on Kanye West’s recent rants and my views on how the hip hop community should respond to the fact that he may have a mental illness, I actually laughed! Hip Hop was built on people expressing themselves and the pain they were experiencing was it not? Now we want to reverse the dynamics of the game and call such expressions mental illness? I’m not a Kanye fan, but I see his response to dealing with his depression as brilliance!!!

Look at it like this. Celebrity Net Worth has Kanye West worth more than 140 Million Dollars. When was the last time your bank account read three zeroes, yet alone seven? Kanye is living better than any of us could dream of living because of the money that you spent buying his music, his shoes, and his concert tickets! How many hours did you have to work to pay for a Kanye concert ticket, your outfit to wear and all the other expenses to see his show? Let’s say you spent $350 on everything and Kanye was on stage for an hour. That means Kanye is making $350/hr while you’re making___??

You might as well say you went to the plantation and built his 20 Million Dollar dream house, brick by brick!

Do you feel played like you did with the Donald Trump victory? GOOD! The truth is, Kanye has capitalized on the retardation of his fans and I don’t blame him! If my last comment offends you, then again – GOOD! You’re worried about the comments Kanye’s making as if you didn’t pay your hard earned dollars to sit in an arena to listen to them. You’re worried about him cancelling shows when millions of his fans don’t even have a savings account and some are living check to check? Is he the Black Jesus! The Malcolm X of our era?

I can’t tell you the last time I saw Kanye giving away shoes to low-income children. When was the last time Kanye came to the hood to encourage reading to our illiterate generation? His children will have the best education while the schools that your children attend are still underfunded. The fact that his lack of connection your reality doesn’t offend you really says that maybe he’s not the one with the mental illness! Maybe it’s the world around him (the fans) who are afraid to acknowledge their own mental issues?

Any other time, I would be the first blogger to challenge the Kanye dynasty. But, why are we really saying he has a mental illness because he chose to cancel his shows and shared that he would’ve vote for Donald Trump? Did we forget millions of people voted for Donald Trump? Did we literally forget that millions of people did just like Kanye and didn’t get out and VOTE! As an artist, didn’t you cancel a show before? If you’re doing exactly what Kanye did and you think he’s the only one with the mental illness, then what does that say about you?

I’m looking from the outside of the entire thing and I’m like, “Maybe the world needs to study his marketing strategy!” He knows you keep wanting to hear the latest gossip about his mental illness? Kanye understand that you’re attracted to him because of something that’s suppressed within yourself! Let’s face it, his fans are the ones that should be laughed at! Kanye West sells out a concert and ends his show abruptly without giving you your money’s worth! Instead of being upset and demanding a refund, you act as if being in the same arena with him was worth the price of his ticket. Y’all may want to think about your own reality first. Kanye will still have millions in his account, can you say the same?

Kanye West has earned the right to say whatever he likes! No matter how crazy or off the wall it sounds, his fanbase grows larger. The last time I saw something like this happen, I was talking to a crazy white business owner who had a vision that he could run this country better than President Obama! Next thing I knew, he swept a presidency away from the 1st female to have a chance at holding the office. So who’s really mentally ill here?



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